Herbs Guide

Partridge Berry

Family Name: Rubiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Mitchella Repens

Popular Name(s): Partridge Berry, Squaw Vine, Checkerberry, Deerberry, Twinberry, One-Berry, Hive Vine, Squaw berry, Partridgeberry

Parts Used: Aerial Parts

Habitat: Native of North America.

Description: Partridge Berry is a small creeping perennial evergreen herb. Its trailing stems are up to 30cm long, rooting at various points. It has opposite ovate-orbicular leaves, which are dark green and shining on top and often streaked with white.

Uses: Partridge Berry is among the best remedies for preparing the uterus and whole body for childbirth. It is used for the relief of painful periods. As an astringent it has been used in the treatment of colitis. It is also useful for all forms of nervous feebleness and irritability of a chronic character.