Herbs Guide

Tribulus Terrestris

Family Name: Zygophllaceae

Botanical Name(s): Tribulus Terrestris

Popular Name(s): Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Gokhru

Parts Used: Whole Plant, Seeds

Habitat: The plant is widely naturalised in the America and also in South Australia.

Description: It is a tap rooted herbaceous perennial plant that grows as a summer annual in colder climates. The stems radiate from the crown to a diameter of about 10 cm to over 1 m, often branching. They are usually prostrate, forming flat patches, though they may grow more upwards in shade or among taller plants. The leaves are pinnate compound with leaflets less than a quarter-inch long.

Uses: Tribulus (puncture vine) is a vine that has been used as a general tonic (energy) and herbal treatment for impotence, but is found primarily in dietary supplements marketed for increasing testosterone levels in bodybuilders and power athletes.