Herbs Guide


Family Name: Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Artemisia Oracunculus

Popular Name(s): Little Dragon, Mugwort and Estragon

Parts Used: Dried aerial parts of the plant

Habitat: The plant is indigenous to Russia (Russian Tarragon) and Mongolia.

Description: It grows to a height of about 2 feet and has long, narrow leaves, which, unlike other members of its genus, are undivided. The small flowers, in round heads, being yellow mingled with black, and rarely fully open. The roots are long and fibrous, spreading by runners.

Uses: It is used to temper the coolness of other herbs in salads. The leaves, which have a fragrant smell in addition to their aromatic taste, make an excellent pickle. Fresh Tarragon possesses an essential volatile oil, chemically identical with that of Anise, which becomes lost in the dried herb. The root of Tarragon was formerly used to cure toothache.