Herbs Guide

Tea Tree

Family Name: Myrtaceae

Botanical Name(s): Melaleuca Alternifolia

Popular Name(s): Ti Tree, Tea tree, Australian tea tree

Parts Used: Essential oil, the leaf

Habitat: Native of Australia.

Description: Tea tree is a small tree, growing to a height of 22 feet, with narrow, soft, alternate leaves and yellowish flowers the shape of bottlebrushes. The capsule-like seeds follow the flowers.

Uses: The oil can be used neat on minor wounds and small infections, as well as plantar warts, as well as rubbing it into the scalp to get rid of nits (the eggs of head lice), but for other applications must be diluted in a suitable carrier oil. Wounds and scrapes can be washed out with a mixture to disinfect the area. It also helps to soothe sore muscles and generally fortifies the body.