Herbs Guide


Family Name: Rutaceae

Botanical Name(s): Citrus Aurantifolia

Popular Name(s): Sour lime, Mexican Lime, West Indian lime, Citrus Acris, Limettae Fructus.

Parts Used: Leaves, fruit, peel and Oil are used.

Habitat: A native of Asia and West Indies.

Description: The Lime is a small tree, crooked and prickly, with a height of 8 feet. The leaves are ovate oblong and the stalk is not winged like that of the orange and lemon tree. The flowers are small and white and the fruit about half the size of a lemon, with a smoother, thinner rind, having a greenish tinge in its yellow.

Uses: The leaves are infused as an herbal tea; it is helpful for bilious headaches. The fresh juice is also used to counter diarrhea. Sometimes lime is used externally to lighten the skin, but can be irritating and should be avoided. A few drops can be added to the final rinse water while washing hair to brighten otherwise dull hair. On the skin, it has an astringent action and helps to clear congested skin and stems bleeding from minor cuts.