Herbs Guide


Family Name: Lamiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Lavandula Angustifolia

Popular Name(s): Lavender, Garden Lavender, Spike Lavender and Common Lavender.

Parts Used: Flowers

Habitat: Native to the Mediterranean region.

Description: Lavender is a small shrub with gray, downy, linear leaves with blue to violet flowers, growing in compact or interrupted spikes. A wide variety of lavenders are found, but consist of two main types - Angustifolia being the most popular, While Latifolia produces harsher and more camphoraceous oil.

Uses: Lavender is an aromatic, tonic herb with a sweet scent. It relaxes spasms, benefits the digestion, stimulates peripheral circulation and the uterus and lowers fever. Lavender is used internally for indigestion, irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, tension headaches, migraine and bronchial complaints.