Herbs Guide

Eucalyptus Globules

Family Name: Myrtaceae

Botanical Name(s): Eucalyptus Globulus

Popular Name(s): Blue Gum, Australian Fever Tree and Tasmanian Blue Gum.

Parts Used: Leaves, Oil

Habitat: Eucalyptus is a tall, evergreen tree native to Australia and Tasmania.

Description: The Eucalyptus or blue gum tree has a wide spread crown and the trunk has smooth, white bark, which peels to reveal a red shade. The leaves are silver-green when young, ranging to green when adult and differ in shape, from lance-like to sickle shaped. White flowers appear in spring and summer.

Uses: It is useful in bronchial disease and other respiratory problems. Also used as a liniment for bruises, sprains and various muscular pains. Ointments are also manufactured, with eucalyptus as an ingredient, to treat wounds and abscesses. Although good for muscular aches and pains, it is a very effective oil to use for respiratory problems during flu, colds, coughing, sinus and asthma.