Herbs Guide

False Unicorn

Family Name: Liliaceae

Botanical Name(s): Chamaelirium Luteum

Popular Name(s): False Unicorn, Starwort, Helonias Root, Fairywand, Blazing Star, Rattlesnake Root, Star Root.

Parts Used: Dried Rhizome and Root.

Habitat: Bogs and wet places in woodlands, meadows, and thickets.

Description: A perennial that grows to 4 feet in height. Plant produces a rosette of basal leaves from which a spike rises. A few narrowly linear leaves may be found on the spike. Male and female flowers are on different plants. The male flowers are white and, when dried, become yellowish; the female flowers are greenish.

Uses: It is of the greatest value in female disorders of the reproductive organs. The indication for its use is a dragging sensation in the extreme lower abdomen. It is useful in impotence, as a tonic in genital-urinary weakness or irritability, for liver and kidney diseases. It is also useful in diseases due to poor action of the liver and weakness of the heart or circulation. It is a good remedy in albumin aria.