Herbs Guide


Family Name: Burseraceae

Botanical Name(s): Boswellia Sacra

Popular Name(s): Olibanum and Mastic Tree.

Parts Used: The gum resin.

Habitat: Frankincense is indigenous to Arabia and the Horn of Africa.

Description: It is a resinous and evergreen tree with papery and peeling bark. The tree produces clusters of feathery leaves and very small creamy white flowers appear in spring, which are followed by the seeds that look like reddish brown capsules.

Uses: It is a stimulant to the circulation and has antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant and sedative properties. It is often used for bronchial and urinary infections. The Chinese include it in a mouthwash for gum, mouth and throat complaints. It helps clear the lungs and other mucus related problems. It furthermore helps to lighten heavy periods and also eases postnatal depression.