Herbs Guide

Ylang Ylang

Family Name: Cananga

Botanical Name(s): Cananga Odorata

Popular Name(s): Ilang-Ilang and Macassar Oil.

Parts Used: The flowers and essential oil are used.

Habitat: Native to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Description: The tree attains an average height of 12 meters, grows in full or partial sun. The leaves are long, smooth and glossy. The flower is greenish yellow or pink, curly like a starfish.

Uses: The herb is used to reduce fevers and to reduce the symptomatic manifestation of malaria. Externally it is mostly used in aromatherapy, but has good properties to fight skin irritations, boils and an all-over boost of sensuality. It is useful in regulating breathing and heart beat, as well as lowering high blood pressure and is also used to treat frigidity and impotence. Also it helps with balancing hormones, PMS and general mood swings.