Herbs Guide

Yellow Gentian

Family Name: Gentianaceae

Botanical Name(s): Gentiana lutea

Popular Name(s): Gentian, Gentian Root, Pale Gentian, Felwort

Parts Used: Root

Habitat: Yellow Gentian is widely found in Europe and North America.

Description: Yellow Gentian's stem grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet with a pair of leaves opposite to one another, at each joint. Its root is long (about a foot), thick (an inch in diameter) and yellowish-brown colour. Its lowest leaves have short foot-stalks but the upper ones are stalkless. The leaves are yellowish-green in colour, oblong shaped, pointed and possess five prominent veins.

Uses: Yellow Gentian has stomachic, anthelmintic and antibilious actions. It is used in Indigestion, liver complaints, dysentery, jaundice, gout, dyspepsia and scrofula.