Herbs Guide

White Water Lily

Family Name: Nymphaeaceae

Botanical Name(s): Nymphaea odorataa

Popular Name(s): Sweet-Scented Pond Lily, Sweet Scented Water Lily, Toad Lily, Cow Cabbage, Sweet Water Lily, Water Cabbage, Water Nymph

Parts Used: Root

Habitat: White Water Lily is found in the United States.

Description: White Water Lily is a perennial aquatic herb which grows to the surface of water. The herb grows from a thick horizontal root-stock lacking stem. Its leaves bear dark green above, wine-colour beneath. The flowers, growing on long peduncles, are large, possess a diameter of about 6 inches and are white in colour. The fruits have depressed globular, fleshy bodies which bear oblong seeds.

Uses: White Water Lily is used as an astringent, demulcent and antiseptic. The herb is used in bowel complaints. It cures scrofula, diarrhoea and leucorrhoea. It is very effective in dropsy, kidney troubles and catarrh of the bladder.