Herbs Guide


Family Name: Ericaceae

Botanical Name(s): Gaultheria Procumbens

Popular Name(s): Teaberry, Box berry, Mountain Tea, Checkerberry, Aromatic Wintergreen, Partridge Berry, Deer berry.

Parts Used: Leaves

Habitat: Northern United States from Georgia to Newfoundland; Canada.

Description: A small indigenous shrubby, creeping, evergreen plant, growing about 5 to 6 inches high under trees and shrubs, particularly under evergreens such as Kalmias and Rhododendrons. It is found in large patches on sandy and barren plains, also on mountainous tracts. The stiff branches bear at their summit tufts of leaves, which are petiolate, oval, shiny, coriaceous, the upper side bright green and paler underneath.

Uses: Useful as a diuretic and emmenagogue and for chronic mucous discharges. It is said to be a good galactogogue. The oil of Gaultheria is its most important product.