Herbs Guide

Red Raspberry

Family Name: N.O. Rosaceae

Botanical Name(s): Rubus idaeus (LINN.)

Popular Name(s): Raspbis, Hindberry, Bramble of Mount Ida

Parts Used: The leaves and fruit

Habitat: Red Raspberry is found in many parts of Europe.

Description: Red Raspberry has thorny, erect stems and it reaches a height up to 2 m. The plan bears alternate leaves which are imparipinnate with ovate-lanceolate leaflets. The flowers are formed in the leaf axils or at the apex of the branches.

Uses: Red Raspberry is used as astringent and as a stimulant. Raspberry leaf tea is used as a gargle in sore mouths, canker of the throat and is a perfect wash for wounds and ulcers. An infusion of Raspberry leaves is used in the regulation of the bowels. It helps during parturition also.