Herbs Guide

Red Clover

Family Name: Leguminosae

Botanical Name(s): Trifolium Pratense

Popular Name(s): Red Clover, Wild Clover, Cleaver Grass, Marl Grass, Cow Grass, Trefoil and Purple Clover

Parts Used: Blossoms

Habitat: Abundant in Britain, throughout Europe, Central and Northern Asia.

Description: A perennial, but of short duration, generally abundant on meadowland of a light sandy nature, where it produces abundant blossom, forming an excellent mowing crop. Red Clover contains phytoestrogens like genistein and daidzein.

Uses: Red Clover is one of the most useful remedies for children with skin problems. It may be used with complete safety in any case of childhood eczema. It is also useful for the treatment of other chronic skin conditions. Used alone it is believed to be good for cancer of the stomach, whooping cough and for various spasms.