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Family Name: Burseraceae

Botanical Name(s): Commiphora Myrrha

Popular Name(s): Commiphora Molmol, Mo Yoa, Balsamodendron and Bola.

Parts Used: The gum resin and oil are used.

Habitat: Indigenous to Northeast Africa.

Description: Myrrh is an aromatic spiny shrub with yellow-red flowers, followed by pointed and ellipsoid fruits. The bushes yielding are 9 feet in height with knotted branches, and branchlets that stand out at right angles, ending in a sharp spine. The leaves are scanty, small, oval and unequal.

Uses: Myrrh is used in tincture form internally for stomach complaints and chest problems, such as bronchial infection as well as menstrual problems. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used for its rejuvenating properties. It also has a historic place in Chinese medicine. It is used to treat infected wounds; bronchial complaints, sinusitis and minor skin inflammations as well as inflammation of the throat, gums and mouth, including mouth ulcers, gingivitis and stomatitis.