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Family Name: Cruciferae

Botanical Name(s): Brassica Alba, Brassica Nigra, Sinapsis Alba

Popular Name(s): Mustard, Black Mustard, White Mustard, Yellow Mustard, kedlock, Yellow Mustard Seed, White Mustard Seed

Parts Used: Seeds

Habitat: It grows throughout Europe, except in the northeastern parts, also in South Siberia, Asia Minor and Northern Africa.

Description: It is an erect annual, 3 feet or more in height, with smaller flowers than the White Mustard. It has spear-shaped, upper leaves, linear, pointed, entire and smooth, and the shortly beaked pods. The seed coat is thin and brittle and covered with minute pits.

Uses: This well known spice has its use in medicine as a stimulating external application. The rubefacient action causes a mild irritation to the skin, stimulating the circulation in that area and relieving muscular and skeletal pain.