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Family Name: Sapindaceae

Botanical Name(s): Paullinia Cupana

Popular Name(s): Guarana

Parts Used: Seeds

Habitat:The vast majority of guarana is grown in a small area in northern Brazil.

Description: Guarana is a scandent shrub or woody liana. Its leaves are alternate with five folioles and, when tendrils exist, they are auxiliary. The inflorescences are on axillar racemes or originate on the tendrils. The flowers are male and female, zygomorphous and have five petals and sepals, eight stamens and a trilocular ovary with a glandular semi-disc at the base.

Uses: Crushed guarana seed as a beverage and a medicine. Besides its refreshing and nutritive value, guarana is said to treat diarrhea, decrease fatigue, reduce hunger and help arthritis.