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Family Name: Valerianaceae

Botanical Name(s): Valeriana officianalis

Popular Name(s): English Valerian, German Valerian, Great Wild Valerian, Vermont Valerian, Vandal Root, All-heal, Setwall, American English Valerian, Garden Valerian, Phu, Valerian.

Parts Used: Root and Rhizome.

Habitat: Valerian is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and Asia.

Description: It is a perennial erect plant, which can be 4 feet high. It has a short, conical, erect yellowish rootstock with multiple long thin roots. Only one stem usually grows from the root. It is round and hollow, with hairs near the base.

Uses: It is used as a sedative for insomnia or other sleeping disorders, to smooth the nervous system, and to slow the heart rate. For all these reasons the dried roots of the plant are taken to prepare teas or tinctures.