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Kava Kava

Family Name: Piperaceae

Botanical Name(s): Piper Methysticum

Popular Name(s): Kava Kava, Kava, Ava, Awa, Ava Pepper, Intoxicating Pepper, Kawa, Kew, Tonga.

Parts Used: The rhizomes and roots are used.

Habitat: The plant has been cultivated in many parts of the Pacific islands.

Description: It is a robust, erect evergreen shrub with stout rhizomes, fleshy stems and round, heart-shaped leaves. Small flowers are produced in spikes.

Uses: Kava Kava is also used externally to treat joint pains, toothache and mouth ulcers. This herb has sedative, muscle relaxing, anti-convulsive, tranquilizing and analgesic properties.