Herbs Guide


Family Name: Equisetaceae

Botanical Name(s): Equisetum Arvense

Popular Name(s): Field Horsetail, Bottlebrush, Scouring Rush, Pewterwort, Corncob Plant and Shave Grass.

Parts Used: The dried stems are used.

Habitat: Horsetail is widely distributed throughout the temperate climate zones of the Northern hemisphere, including Asia, North America and Europe.

Description: Horsetail is an herbaceous perennial with a hairy, tuberous rhizome. The stems are erect, without leaves or hairs and have black-toothed sheaths with whorls of spreading, green branches.

Uses: It is used for the treatment of prostate problems, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, incontinence, cystitis and urethritis as well as arthritis and hemorrhage. It is helpful for repairing connective tissue and cartilage because it has high contents of silica. It is also used in healing wounds.